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Sukira -BTS Questionnaire-


Question: BTS members~ Have there been times where you wanted to say something to a member, but you couldn’t, or didn’t? You may write it here. We look forward to your witty comments.

Jin: To Suga… Suga, everything is good. You don’t use your cell phone while we eat, sometimes you make some lame jokes, and you even clean the house, which is all good…but please do the dishesㅠㅠ I’ve never seen you do the dishes.ㅠㅠ I love you, Suga

Jimin: Jungkook, why did you drop me down to 7th place in the handsomeness ranking!? Am I that ugly?
J-Hope hyung, you make fun of you donsaeng when you’re bored…and you diss me, do you think I’m a fool??

Jungkook: I used to get mad because they always climbed on my bed, but lately they haven’t been climbing up, and they’ve all been taking good care of me, so I’m thankful to the hyungs. Ha ha ha.

Suga: Rapmon, after my appendix surgery, I had to take medicine, so I ordered food, but the other members were dieting, and I felt bad, so I ate in the room by myself. I left the room for a second, and when I came back, there was less food. I wondered about it while I continued to eat and then I left the room again, but more food disappeared. There was only one person who went in and out of that room, and that person was Rapmon. You should’ve have just told me you were going to eat it…You acted like you didn’t, so I almost thought it was a doll bride. (T/N: A ‘doll bride’ plays a similar role to a guardian angel in the Korean culture)

Rapmon: Whenever we’re going to schedules, in the practice room, at home, in the waiting room- at unnecessary timing- you all sing at the top of your lungs. Usually it’s the vocal line- Jin hyung, V, Jungkook, and Jimin! You say your practicing, so I can’t really say anything… Why do you always sing other peoples’ songs instead of our songs… Why does it have to be when we’re changing, or when the mood is not good, that you have to sing happy, lovey dovey pop songs at the top of your lungs. The passion is alive. But please pay attention to the situation before you sing. I’m sorry to my ears.

J-Hope: Jungkook!! Why haven’t you been listening to your hyungs lately!! You need to respond when the hyungs say something to you!! What are you doing!!! I lived for 3 more years than you!! Listen, please!! ~.~

V: Jimin, you can’t get big-headed because you’re good at dancing. It seems like you have some problems with my movements and my feel, but don’t just watch me while you dance.

hey, hey mr. handsome

taehyung and his little dance.

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匿名: hello your blog is really something! I need your help to list bangtan shows from skool luv affair era? Can you help me? Thank you

thank you! I don’t know what you mean by ‘bangtan shows’. mmm these are all ~bangtan shows~

  • MTV Rookie King: Channel Bangtan - here 
  • 130912 Wide News Open Studio - here 
  • 130925 After School Club  - here 
  • 131118 HAN LOVE - here
  • 131128 Khanpak - here and here
  • 140213 Wide News Open Studio - here and here
  • 140220 Mnet Wide News Cut - here
  • 140226 After School Club - here
  • 140227 Mwave Meet and Greet - here
  • 140318 JJANG! - here 
  • 140401 Beatles Code - here 
  • 140402 After School Club - After Show (Rap Monster + Jimin) - here
[Split Audio] No More Dream

left: korean ; right: japanese [x]


AHH;; i was inspired ~;; kore-chan drew this ADOR A B LE picture of jungkook based off another BTS fanartist and i. i think about this picture so much. im sorry.. i had to do my own.. (bts fanartist community just takes turns admiring and drawing from eachother keke) i hope you don’t mind kore-chan! ;A; i love that fanart~ 

bunny!jungkook ~ just in time for easter ( ˊ͈ ꒳ ˋ͈)♡ 

"I’m the maknae of the group, but Jimin hyung has the most aegyo.”

匿名: is it okay to crop night-breeze photos but at the same time give them credits?

before it was allowed but now the rule is ~Editing allowed, please credit. Do not crop logo.~

140422 Namjoon’s Tweet


Its RapMon. How have you been doing ? Everyone including me, you and the people in Jindo are going through a tough time… While working in the studio regularly, I try to take in my surroundings with regards to the subjective. How about you ?

Its heartbreaking but let’s not be discouraged and buck up ~ Your hearts are precious after all !

匿名: hi so jeongoks told me that you made her sidebar. can i please have the link to the jungkook gif on it? :3

here you go.

防弾少年団 - No More Dream (Japanese Ver.)
Artist: 防弾少年団
Album: 「2 COOL 4 SKOOL」

NO MORE DREAM - Japanese Ver. dl © bjooh and jung-koook

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